Pela Estrada, episódio 30: Ann Arbor, parte II (final)



Glow of ice in the dark maples,

shape of a blue fish in the clouds,

hum of tires, stutter of the car radio.

You know the highway is kindly,

the curve of it, your family at the end of it,

the lull of the wheels, the sudden view

of a mill town dropped among trees

this as eyelashes, and the buildings,

small heaving chests with breaths

of smoke. And a sudden tenderness

fills you for the idea of people,

their wills an habits, the machinery

of their kindness, the way meals are

served with salt and with a spoon.

And you think of them as birds

driven by some wind, and such mercy

passes that it makes you weep for it

and soon you can’t see the road

for the awful kindness of it, and

the idea of you, your name vanishes

leaving you so alone that you must reclaim

it fast as you can in thought,

that dark bird circling over

the road until you are lost, or found

again in its wide wings lacing the blue

moving sky, the car now in motion

past the flash of sun again on an icy branch,

the self safely wrapped back inside its body,

which is your own driving a car, yours.

(Gene Zeiger)


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Amy Annelle, Buckskin Stallion Blues

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Father John Misty, Leaving LA

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