Summer fim

The evening has arrived, and

the sky is no longer 

the mixture of

pink white blue that it was

just a couple of minutes


This was

the last thing I wrote

before geting to know 

how great friendships can 

start with just 

a simple call for help, and 

before attempting to watch a

legal docu-drama while

lying on the couch, and 

long before

my face got covered 

with chocolate.

Now the morning has arrived, and

the sky is already

the bright blue beauty

that it has always been

this September. At least as 

far as I can recall. 


is ending, that is what 

the calendar says. But 

today is Saturday, a calm,

thankful morning, with people 

retreating to the beach while 

listening to african dance music 

in their mother’s




for a life to