Investment portfólio

The other night

I was thinking 

about blocks and chains and

Plato, when

I decided to open the window

and look outside.

The street was empty

and silent.

I then noticed this guy that 

I hadn’t seen in the neighborhood

for a while. 

He’s one of those guys that

you and me

(crazy-normal people)

call a character. 

He’s more or less my size, a 

little bit tanned and

always sings a song

after sighing.

He was in the middle of the street

with a towel on his hand

and two packs of sunscreen

in the pockets of 

his trousers.

He proceeded to tie the towel 

around his neck, and


now he had a cape. 

Then he went to the door of my


Miss Very Nice

the daughter of Madam Nice

and Mr Nice.

She has a little brother

a Korean kid

called Nicey. 

She was at the door

and looked tired but

she laughed

when she saw this guy

in front of her house.

I saw both of them

stealing a kiss from each other

before he started to walk, half-jumping

as if he was about to start flying

at any moment.

She laughed, and 

for a moment, I think that

I caught in their faces

a little glance

of the most free-spirited kind of


She then closed the door.

The street was empty and silent


I went to sleep.

The next morning I met

my neighbor the baker

and he told me 

that he saw this character

(his words, not mine)

walking at night next to jardim da 

Estrela. He was wearing a cape

that looked like a towel

and was walking in the middle

of the road.

No cars were passing by

and the guy was smiling.

I heard this and I just felt

this really strong feeling inside.

It is so difficult to describe

how much I love people 

who like to walk freely 

in the middle

of the road.