Notes to my American self

– I’ve been noticing that lately I’ve been surrounded by Americans everywhere I go. American clients, American doctrine, American tv shows, American bands, American neighbors, American tourists, American colleagues. I miss America, or my memory of it, sometimes.

– I re-started reading Ali Smith’s “Autumn”, almost a year since my first start. I’m enjoying it so far. It’s full of puns. There’s an amazing one saying that “this is not fiction, this is the Post Office”.

– I’ve been thinking of starting a podcast named Um Cowboy no Chiado, where I speak for about 10 to 20 minutes about rock and roll and life in general, sometimes in English and sometimes in Portuguese. It’s the seventh podcast idea I’ve had this year, so far.

– I woke up late and felt tired. The house was fresh in the morning. A friend told me to put cds on the roof to hold away the seagulls. I think it worked, and I’ve felt an urge of staying home listening to cds, like I did when I was a teenager.

– Today I told the same joke twice; it’s that joke that Alvy Singer tells in the end of Annie Hall, of the wife that thinks she’s a chicken and the husband goes to the doctor and the doctor says that there’s a cure but the husband doesn’t want the cure because he really needs the eggs. The first time was after breakfast (I told it in a conversation with the friend that told me to use cds against seagulls) and the second time was right after lunch. I kept thinking in the afternoon if there would be a third time, but there never was.

– Elizabeth is already seven months pregnant and it still seems that it was yesterday that she told me that she was going to have a baby. This has been an intense year, but I suddenly realized that we are already in its second half. That’s good: there’s so much good to come in this second half.

– I had this idea of writing a novela about spending July at home, writing a dissertation, with a terrible heat looming over the city. I’ve been feeling an urge to write auto-biographical fiction, lately. Strangely enough, it has helped me focus on the dissertation.

– I saw Agostinho today – I told him and Elizabeth the egg joke after lunch. In the afternoon I had to write many times the name Agostinho, referring to different Portuguese parishes. It’s amazing how many of them exist.

– Ultra spoke about dreams this morning. In the afternoon I think I heard a street singer yelling some Cranberries, and I thought almost immediately about that moment in Chungking Express with the Chinese version of Dreams playing. I have to watch that movie with Ultra.

– Last weekend in London I had this idea for a song. It is still in my head and it’s called Sacro Beat. I imagine it as a pop-hit in the mould of Swedish indie-pop like Jens Lekman and I’m From Barcelona. God knows when I’ll have time for it.

– I saw these two guys on the subway when I was returning from London, two skinny university looking guys that had slacker written all over them. One of them referred to the other as being the Açoriano. In my mind they were Brat Boy and the Açoriano, and I thought I should write a story about them.

– I saw one episode of Rick and Morty and I laughed. I saw the first episode of Ozark and wasn’t into it. I didn’t like the first episode of the OA. I want to see more of that Tim Robinson comic show. I subscribed HBO. I started watching Chernobyl, although i honestly don’t have much time to watch tv.

– At dinner today my mom my younger brother and me discussed the political crisis of the Portuguese right and the post-post-modern problem of social interaction in the age of social media. Then we drank this orange liquor that was amazingly transparent. My nephews were sleeping the whole time.

– I really like when Ultra smiles; it’s the moment when I feel that my existence and that of the world make totally utter sense.

– I though of writing this political essay were I discuss many important issues about the state of the country that often occupy me when I’m walking. But instead I wrote a memo for the dissertation, concerning the concept of “liminal legality” that I read today in Kilpatrick’s working paper.

– Sometimes I feel this is small. Sometimes I feel this is cool. Most of the time I feel like living. I trust.

– I don’t know why I came back to Twitter. I should be doing something, like writing, podcasting, recording. I should run more and sleep. I should eat less saturated fat. I think I’m doing fine.

– I really like this song: