I let the night fall and the episode end. Before moving to the other, I pause, and go get a small cup of coffee. One of my sisters in law gave me these Japanese cups. The lights are off, three windows partially open. It’s silent. I like this silence. I go to the terrace and look at the city. The lights, the river. It’s a clear sky, I can see some stars. Today I felt like a tourist. I wore a backpack, had tacos for lunch, drank coffee while walking, and stopped in some shoppings. Then I came back home to honor the rest of my Sunday. I studied a bit. I cooked a veggie meal while listening to Purple Mountains. Now I just look into the city and I feel serene. It’s a bit windy, but hey, it’s good. I think that there are a lot of things going on in our lives, and the best thing to do is to live them one by one, fully. It’s fucking hard, yes. But it’s somewhat right, and fair. There’s this beautiful song by Samuel Úria called Nem Lhe Tocava – it’s the opener of the record with the same name. The chorus goes something like this – if it were easy, I wouldn’t do it; if it were hard, I wouldn’t even touch it. I think a lot about that song in these moments. It hits the spot, perfectly. Then I felt like writing, and now I’m going to enjoy the silence. I’ll probably finish episode 4, too. And then maybe read, and then sleep. Tomorrow’s a new week. Coming on.