eat the quinoa bread in the kitchen

and drink the lungo coffee

before doing the NYT’s daily crossword

in the living room



are you?)

and your heart dreams

you believe in her, in others, in life

you feel that, you say that, you smile, you hold the hand strongly and you

say go

and your heart dreams

you look at yourself

a dark image of yourself

reflected in the water

amongst the cars and the people and the rain

you think of green

and your heart dreams

you follow the cyclist

who has his backpack open

and is heroically fighting the wind while climbing

a very steep and wet street

and your heart dreams

you listen to Bruce Springsteen’s Thunderroad

heavenly sent through your cellphone’s shuffle

and played on your car’s stereo

you cry while you sing or

you sing while you cry

doesn’t matter

your heart


you arrive at the law school and

remember three times the structure of the class

you think about

all the legal things surrounding crypto-assets and tokens

and then you park the car

the sky opens slightly

it still rains

your remember you have

to pray

and your heart dreams

your heart dreams

your heart dreams